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Will it ever be "easier"?

One of my favourite quotes is: It never gets easier, you just get better.

It sums up nicely the continuous improvement mindset, of trying your best always, even after you have achieved your goal or milestones towards them. This quote is an excellent reminder to avoid complacency, reaching a certain "better than before level", which is still below your potential or goals. At that stage, when reaching this intermediate level, it is tempring to look back and renegotiate with yourself, and settle for this state instead.

I have no issues celebrating intermediate successes, this is actually crucial, so go ahead and do it! But if you initially had set out to achieve more, why stop here now? Use the momentum gained to keep going and get to the next milestone, and the next and towards your goal.

If you struggle to keep going, these ideas might help:

  • revisit your goal: what was it that made you draw it up initially? What was your deep emotional motivator? And has this changed? Probably not, unless some major life shifts accurred since.

  • along the lines of above, maybe it's time to reframe your goal, make it more appealing and exciting, so it "pulls" you into action towrads it. Yu need a clear vision of what your outcome is, and how this satisfies your values.

  • ask yourself, what is it that you aren't doing, that you would like to do? Is there an activity you are more exited about instead? How can you use this excitement or energy to regain focus on your "must do"

  • find an accountability buddy, somebody to share your goal with, work alongside or bounce ideas off to avoid getting stuck

  • get a Coach! a good one that is, to help with goal setting, accountability measures and to remove your mental blockages getting in the way

Want to understand more how I can help? Get in touch here.

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