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What is Coaching, and why do you need it?!

In its simplest form, a Coach is a professional for hire to get you the results you want in any area of your life (health, fitness, career, happiness, finance, etc.).

In a collaborative co-working relation, the coach can help with setting goals and will assist in the client with arriving at their own conclusions.

The Coaching process involves listening (to what is and what isn't being said), questioning, clarifying, giving feedback, showing empathy, recognizing and pointing out strengths, providing structure and encouraging a solution-focused approach.

In a executive coaching context, the late Sir John Whitmore defined Coaching as "Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

The great Tim Gallwey uses a simple equation to set the scene for a Coach's role,

Performance = Potential - Interference, with the Coach working on helping the client reduce or entirely eliminate the interference. Interference are elements such as self doubt, procrastination, limiting beliefs, assumptions and lack of clarity, among others.

As a Coach, I will help you remove these, leaving you with a mindset full of clarity, purpose and energy.

If there is any area in your life in which you want to make significant changes? Have you tried but not gotten the results you were after, or given up, fizzled out or changed the goal because it seemed "too hard"?

Working with me will get you results, we work on removing that Interference standing between your life today, and your goals. I will keep you accountable, challenge your way of thinking and overcome obstacles in life successfully and get your results fast.

Get in touch for a free phone consult to see how I can help!

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