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Your best You.


What is Mindset Coaching?

A mindset or life coach is someone you turn to for help solving a problem or situation in your life you are not able to resolve by yourself. Sometimes it starts with putting into words what you are going trough or what you want to achieve by defining a goal. It is based on a collaborative approach -working together- on finding the next steps for you, being able to access a more empowered and energized state of mind, which together with an action plan will see you reach a next level of clarity, purpose and action to be the best version of yourself. It can involve solving blockages (beliefs you hold about yourself or the world that might be outdated) , highlighting any blindspots and testing assumptions which are all not helping your growth as a person.



In our Mindset Coaching sessions, I will ask lots of questions -hard and curly ones too- , seeking to understand you at a deeper level. From here I will push, prod and test your view of yourself, others and the world, and challenge you to test other perspectives. Using tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and where appropriate hypnosis, we will accelerate your progression, resourcefulness and growth. You will get homework to keep you engaged in between session, and make sure you are continuousy advancing towards that goal set out, and learning about you as we go along.


When is Mindset Coaching helpful?

  • You are at a crossroad in life, facing a tough decision but not sure how and what to do next

  • You struggle managing your time well and end up procrastinating... a lot

  • Your life is “ok”, but your have the feeling you could do better

  • You feel “stuck in a rut”and can't break out of it

  • You have an idea of what you want to do with your life, but cannot turn that into meaningful and decisive action

  • You have identified fears and blockages that are stopping you from your best relationships, career and happyness


What it is not

  • Counselling or therapy

  • A buddy to vent, gossip or complain

  • “Fixing” you - you are not broken!

  • Advice, telling you what to do 

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