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Take decisive action.


As an Executive Coach, I focus on bringing the best out of you, to feel in control, empowered and also improve your value as an employee, director or owner to the business you are working in, and any business beyond afterwards.

This increased perceived (and real) value to business makes pay rises, promotions and potentially finding a more rewarding job much more likely!

Some common themes to improve with Business Coaching are:

  • Decisionmaking - no need to delay, make crucial decision fast and with the certainty of being the right decisions with the information available at that time

  • Resilience to stress - having clarity and confidence in your abilities and skills, knowing how to manage workload and be more efficient

  • Time management - reinforcing the above, prioritising tasks, learning to delegate and finally stop procrastinating!


Signs you need a Business Coach:

  • Your career has plateaued

  • You do not feel in control of your job, including reports, workload and progression

  • You are stressed and barely able to cope with daily demands

  • You have little spare time for family, downtime, sport and personal development because of work

  • You feel frustrated with your team, reports and superior(s)

  • You are dissatisfied with how you are perceived as a leader

  • You want to improve your leadership skills



  • Fortnightly 1:1 meetings

  • Weekly phone call check-in

  • 12 weeks initial commitment

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