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Support That Makes a Difference


Business Coaching looks after the challenges and opportunities a business as a whole has at any given time, not only when the going gets tough but also to support and accelerate growth. Business Coaching is future focused, action orientated and with a clear outcome in mind. The results of working with a Coach are more resilient businesses, improved morale, improved  leadership and faster customer response time.

Some common scenarios or challenges a business can help overcome and capitalize on with my Coaching are:

  • anticipating and acting on changes in the market to be more competitive

  • moving from working “in the business”to “on the business”

  • start to become proactive and grow by focusing on growing the business and move away from just doing daily “survival” tasks

  • assisting in developing strategies and targeted action plans

  • giving clarity, purpose and direction

  • identifying blind spots or areas of weakness in your business 


Who benefits from Business Coaching?

  • If nothing you tried out works

  • If you feel you are only working responding to others needs (staff, clients, stakeholders) and not focused on growing the business

  • If there have been recent significant changes on the marketplace


How do I work?

  • Initial session on  understanding your challenges and needs, leading to goalsetting and defining expected outcomes from our engagement

  • Weekly 1:1 meetings and targeted actions after each meeting

  • Asking tough questions, and shining light on areas you haven't addressed

  • Test perceptions and assumptions challenge your thought process

  • Provide a different point of view, be external soundboard


What its NOT

  • A consultant doing your work for you

  • A friend to make you feel good, but rather a trusted advisor to push you to do things differently

  • An expert in your industry, rather an expert in accelerating growth and learning

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