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Hi, my name is Mathias Witt and I am here to help you achieve the goals you want for your personal life, career or business!


In a world where we are getting bombarded with constant challenges but also temptations, it gets harder to find your way in life, find your purpose and live a life based on your own aspirations, not ones imposed by society or cultural norm.


I am an engineer with an MBA, and spent over 15 years in diverse corporate roles, learning what to do, and what to avoid. I lived in 4 different countries and worked in different industries, managing teams and also building my own successful business (Orbis Coaching). Throughout these 20+ years I have made many mistakes, and seen others do the same. Now looking back wish I had hired a Coach early on, to help me navigate my career, business and life decisions, which would have saved me a lot of pain, time and money, while also accelerated my learnings.


This insight prompted me to start my own Coaching business, initially in fitness and nutrition and later on in Mindset Coaching, adding my past experience in business to offer a broad service targeted at getting you more out of your personal or business life. As a Management Consultant I noticed the big gap between knowing (what to do) and actually doing it, how people can have the best plan, strategy and intention, but often lack the skills, motivation, vision, clarity or purpose to get to their end goal. As a Mindset Coach, I breach that gap and also help you develop the correct goal, strategy and action plan from the beginning.


I provide a relaxed but professional environment for our sessions to take place, without jargon or BS, cutting straight to the point and getting you to take action immediately. My sessions are designed to give you actionable strategies to reach your goals, fast!


When I'm not working on getting people moving towards their goals, I am spending time with my wife and son, cycling (MTB preferrably), surfing or reading a good book.


My Qualifications:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Forestry Engineer

  • Personal Trainer

  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Diploma in Life Coaching

  • Nutrition Coach

  • Personal Trainer

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